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Mobile Internet
How do I access Foxnews.mobi?

• Access Foxnews.mobi from your web enabled wireless device by entering Foxnews.mobi into the phone's browser. For iPhones type http://iphone.foxnews.com into your browser for a version of the site optimized for the iPhone.
• Add an icon to your iPhone or Blackberry to create 1-click access to Foxnews.mobi from your handset.
• Text MOBILE to FNCTV (36288) to receive the url for Foxnews.mobi via text message.

What is the FOX News icon for BlackBerry?

• Place a FOX News icon on your BlackBerry homepage (appears on the main screen along with all other icons, such as Email, Calendar, and Internet Browser). By clicking on the icon, you are taken to the FOX News mobile internet site (Foxnews.mobi) to access up-to-the-minute news and weather.

How do I get the FOX News icon for Blackberry?

• Click here to download the BlackBerry icon. Use the FOX News BlackBerry icon for one-click access to FOX News content.

How do I create a FOX News shortcut for my iPhone?

• Add a "web clip" by tapping on the "+" sign (located at the bottom-middle of the device). Select the "add to my desktop" option. Name your "web clip" and save it to your phone. Your new Foxnews.mobi icon should now appear on your iPhone screen.

Do I have to pay for Foxnews.mobi?

• FOX News does not charge for access to FOXNews.mobi and access is not dependent on carriers, however a mobile plan including data service is required to access Foxnews.mobi and data service charges may apply. Check with your carrier to learn if you will be charged for accessing the mobile web.
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Text Messaging
How do I subscribe to text message alerts?

• The following text message subscriptions are available from FNC. Select the alerts you would like to receive and text the code to FNCTV (36288)
o Text GRETA to FNCTV to receive alerts about special show topics and guests that go On The Record. Alerts will be sent a few times a month.
o Text FACTOR to FNCTV to receive alerts about special show topics and guests on The O'Reilly Factor. Alerts will be sent a few times a month.
o Text HEALTH to FNCTV to receive health tips twice a week from the FOX News Health team.

How do I unsubscribe from text message alerts?

• Text STOP to FNCTV (36288)

How much do text messages cost?

• FOX News does not charge for text messages, however, standard mobile operator text message fees to send or receive may apply so check with your respective carrier for more details.
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What is FOX News Alert for BlackBerry?
• FOX News Alert for BlackBerry is an application that alerts you to breaking news as it happens. An icon on your BlackBerry will change color and an article headline will be displayed at the bottom of the screen when a new breaking news article is published.

Is there a cost associated with FOX News Alert?
• No, FOX News does not charge users to install FOX News Alert or the FOX News BlackBerry icons.

How do I download FOX News Alert?

• To download the app click here. Enter your email address and click "Go." Once you accept the Web Signal Terms of Use you the application should be downloaded successfully to your device. NOTE: this application will only work on BlackBerry smartphones.

How do I remove FOX News Alert from my BlackBerry?

• To unsubscribe click here to go the BlackBerry Subscription Management page. Check the box next to FOX News Alert and click "unsubscribe."
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Still have questions? Email mobile@foxnews.com.