DOUGH FOR DEER Bambi control too costly for taxpayers, critics say
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From New York to California, local governments are spending taxpayer dollars to sterilize female deer, but critics say the approach is a misguided, ineffective and "incredibly expensive" approach to thinning out the herds that has become a suburban scourge.

While some communities have used lethal means to curb the exploding population of deer, which roam backyards, destroy gardens and wander into traffic, others have taken what they see as a more humane approach tranquilizing female deer and removing their ovaries.

It's expensive: The town of Cayuga Heights, N.Y., spent $35,808 to sterilize a dozen does last month. A year earlier, the town spent $148,315 to remove ovaries from 137 female deer. And after the 2012 effort, a survey found an estimated 225 deer or 125 per square mile were living in the village, well above the recommended population for suburban communities of 15 to 20 deer per square mile.

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