April 19, 2014 3:45 PM EDT

National Weather Service: Stormy weather brings 'unprecedented' hail storms over Hawaii
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"As the storm continues to pass through our Hawaiian islands, we remain open for business," said Hawaii Tourism Authority President and CEO Mike McCartney.

Mike Zellman was hoping to trade cold weather in Hamburg, Germany, with sunshine in Hawaii. He and his wife, clad in windbreakers, spent Friday afternoon at the state Capitol and planned to take refuge from the showers in a Honolulu shopping center.

"In the morning, we wanted to go to Diamond Head but it was closed because of the wonderful weather," he said sarcastically. The weather has affected "everything" during their three days on Oahu so far: "Beach time. Nature time. The landscape," he said.

While there were reports of hotels crowded by guests stranded from canceled flights, George Costa, director of Kauai's Office of Economic Development, said hotels were faring well as rain subsided Friday. "There are several road closures due to landslides and most of the inconvenience is being experienced by the resort staff not being able to report to work," he said.

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