Computer Mogul's Kids Drive Security Detail Crazy
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Dell spends $2.7 million per year to protect founder Michael Dell's family, but tweets and blogs from the billionaire's kids describing where they are and what they're doing don't make the job any easier.

An Instagram account linked to the Twitter postings of Dell's daughter, Alexa, 18, divulged where she was shopping and where she stayed on a recent trip to New York. Alongside that, her tweets detailed GPS information that could track her exact location; she even tweeted the location of her high school graduation dinner, which her family attended.

A photo of Zachary Dell, 15, appeared on a Tumblr blog called "Rich Kids of Instagram," showing the scion devouring a grand buffet just before departing for Fiji on the family's jet.

The location-specific social media messages have got to be driving the company's security team crazy, according to experts.

"I'm sure they called the dad and shut it down," Jason Thorsett, the director of operations at bodyguard firm Custom Protective Services, told Businessweek.

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