Is Obama Attempting to Pass the Failed Biz Buck?
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Polls consistently show Americans favor its construction and Republicans have been hammering the president for months for his obstruction of the project.

Obama seems to be in the midst of a creeping climb-down on the subject, but he has to move slowly.

Remember, many liberals dislike the project because it would provide so much oil to gasoline refineries. The cheaper gas is for American drivers, the more gasoline they will use. Environmentalists believe all this driving is causing the earth's atmosphere to become dangerously warm.

Obama, who is a long-time crusader against global warming, has suffered politically for his opposition to the pipeline. Global warming has faded as a concern for voters amid a lengthy economic disruption and with new doubts about the most alarming claims made by carbon hawks. With gasoline prices more than twice as high as they were when Obama took office, consumers are far less indulgent of Obama's environmental policies.

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