Hotline Tips Triggering New Investigations into GSA
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He invoked his Fifth Amendment right to not answer questions Monday and Tuesday during hearings led by the GOP-controlled House.

The agency's four Western regions attended the Las Vegas conference, which included a clown and a mind-reader. The inspector general's report also uncovered a rap video making fun of the spending.

Michigan GOP Sen. James Inhofe, the committee's ranking member, said Wednesday that no oversight hearing has been conducted on the agency in 12 years.

"We're dealing with corrupt people here," he added.

California Sen. Barbara Boxer, the committee chairwoman, said Tagerhlini has already cut $1 million from the agency by canceling trips. He also nixed a questionable employee-incentive program and has asked GSA officials responsible for the overspending to personally repay the government.

Still, Boxer urged him and Miller to do more.

"The motivation to clean house is the key," she said near the close of the nearly two-hour hearing. "Mr. Tagerhlini I'm trying to encourage you to do far more than even you thought you had to do, because you need to."

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