DEGRADING CONDUCT: Prosecutors Say General Guilty of Sex Crimes
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In her closing argument, defense lawyer Maj. Elizabeth Ramsey said the accuser was a scorned lover trying to ruin the life of an outstanding warrior and patriot.

"Her lies are her fury," Ramsey said. "And these charges are Jeff Sinclair's hell."

Prosecutors presented a different version of the general's character.

"Gen. Sinclair has engaged in deliberate, degrading course of conduct where he targets his subordinates to satisfy his abhorrent desires," said Lt. Col. William Helixon, the lead prosecutor.

A 27-year Army veteran who served five combat tours, Sinclair faces a long list of charges including forcible sodomy, wrongful sexual conduct, violating orders, engaging in inappropriate relationships and adultery. The allegations involve Sinclair's conduct with five women who are not his wife, though the female captain is the only one who says he used physical force. Two female officers who had served with Sinclair testified Wednesday that had given the general nude photos at his request.

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